Lotus Chakras Healing Soaps - Bundle

Lotus Chakras Healing Soaps - Bundle

3- All Natural Soaps - No Lye Added Honey Based with added Grapeseed Oil , Coconut Oil, & VitaminE. Natural added Essential Oils for fragrance & Maca Powder for color.

These soaps are made with good intentions & good energy designed to add moisture, keep skin tone even with a sweet smelling fragrance.

Each soap harmonizes different Chakras.. Crown Chakra Lotus Soap (top of head) promotes positive reflection of self, less selfishness & with continue use and the belief to see the bigger picture.

Lotus Root Soap (tailbone) promotes security in knowing we will always be provided for with continuous use and belief to feel more alive & grounded.

Lotus Love Soap (heart) promotes the giving & receiving of genuine love with continue use and belief to cultivate more compassion for self and others.

With proper use each Soap can last 3-4 Months (12 months worth for under $20)